Get tours V2 resource

Description: Retrieve list of tours


Method: GET

Request Query String parameters:

p.pageSizeA number describing the page size (optional). 40 = default value.
p.pageA number describing the page offset (optional). 0 = default value.
searchOptional Substring to be searched in title (case insensitive)
statusOptional Comma separated list of status of returned tours, without it all tours are returned

List of Strings containing the desired returned elements (optional). Use only whats needed since querytime will increase depending on the passed scope:

  • panoramas
  • scopeOfWork
  • attachments
  • internalID
  • externalID
  • floorplanorder
  • firstImageUrls
  • integration (needs to add additional of: integration.iframe, integration.qrCode, integration.pdf)
  • address

If set to true include tours from the office (tours of all users that have the same parent as logged user) else return tours of logged user only.

Return Type:

pageIndexThe number of the page displayed (the offset).
pageCountTotal number of pages available as response.
rowCountTotal elements of all the pages available.
pageSizeMax. number of elements displayed in one page.
true if the pagination has another page, false if it is the last (or the only) page.
List of tour objects

Contact us for API credentials request, result integration or any other issue related with the API: