Portal/CRM video-integration with immoviewer

The process to create videos with immoviewer can be divided in three processes: fetching the data, creating the video and integrating the created video. The processes that the applicant (either Portal or CRM) is involved are fetching the data and integrating the video.

Fetching data

To create a video we will need acquire the information first. We distinguish two ways of getting the data:

  1. Through an API: if your Portal/CRM provide an API then we will implement a solution to connect to the API and fetch the data

  2. Sending data over FTP:  if an API is not existing, then we provide an FTP where you can upload your data. Currently we support data sent via FTP for Openimmo.

In order to map your data into our data model, you should provide us documentation of your data model. As mention before we currently support Openimmo standard.

Integrating the video

Once the video has been created, we will need to integrate it back into the CRM. For the integration we provide two solutions:

  1. Using immoviewer API: we offer an API where given an identifier we retrieve the information needed to integrate a video into a website. Read more Videos Integration examples (NEW)
  2. Using Portal Upload service: if you provide us of a service to upload the resulting data, we could implement a solution for this given service.